Chiropractic Care for Automobile Accidents in Oklahoma City

Auto Accident Treatment

Whiplash injuries occur when automobiles collide and the human frame is suddenly forced beyond the normal limits of motion. The mass majority of the time in a rear end or side impact collision, the velocity of the impact forces the neck muscles to violently move forward and backward causing extreme movement of the head and spine. This damaging reflex can introduce an entire host of injuries including severe headaches, long term musculoskeletal problems, and advanced degeneration if not corrected.

Whiplash is the most common problem in nonfatal car accidents in OKC. The team at Elledge Chiropractic Clinic emphasizes the importance of immediate care, even when symptoms are not apparent. Whiplash can have delayed symptoms that, if ignored, can lead to long-term complications. Our approach is to ensure corrective treatment, focusing on restoring your spine’s natural health and a healthy natural curvature.

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    Treatments For Car Accident Injuries

    It’s crucial for anyone involved in a motor vehicle or truck accident to undergo a thorough spinal examination, even if they don’t initially feel pain or show symptoms. While some individuals might experience immediate whiplash symptoms, others may encounter long-term issues, with delayed symptoms potentially leading to significant health problems in the future. Treatment for car accident injuries goes beyond medication; spinal rehabilitation is key to achieving lasting correction. Car accident doctors cannot resolve injuries with medicine alone, spinal rehab is essential for long-term correction and physical health.

    The impact of a car accident can often result in misalignment of the vertebral bodies, which might cause nerve impingement. This pressure on the nerve roots can lead to various complications, primarily pain. When nerves are compressed, stretched, or irritated, it can disrupt normal nerve function, leading to discomfort and pain throughout the body.

    Proper evaluation by a chiropractor OKC includes a thorough physical examination, x-rays of your spine, and if necessary proper treatment. Gentle and highly effective chiropractic care will allow your body to be rehabilitated back to what we consider a pre-clinical or pre-accident status.

    Don’t let a recent auto accident compromise your health and well-being. Elledge Chiropractic Clinic is here to offer comprehensive evaluations and effective treatments. Contact us today to start your journey to recovery with Oklahoma City’s leading Auto Injury Chiropractic specialists.