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Chiropractic Care & Treatment for Sports Injuries in Oklahoma City

Many problems with joints and muscles arise from injuries brought on by exercise, sports, and athletics. The importance of chiropractic treatment for athletes has exponentially gained in popularity over the recent years as a result of its effectiveness. Oklahoma City Chiropractic care is extremely important not only for competitive athletes, but it is also very beneficial for recreational runners, bodybuilders, and the typical weekend warrior.

Whether it is a repetitive stress problem in the elbow or shoulder from exercise or from over-work, a hamstring pull, or a knee issue; all of these problems are very treatable and resolvable in a certified sports injury chiropractor’s office in OKC. The complete understanding of the musculoskeletal system and human biomechanics, allows chiropractors to rehabilitate and treat extremity issues, more thoroughly than other methods or specialists in the physical medicine field. “Extremity” issues include hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

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    Sport Chiropractors: Leading the Way in Sports Injury Recovery in OKC

    Through manipulation of the spine and extremity joints, related therapies, and specific rehabilitation exercises, patients can be pain-free in a matter of days to weeks depending on the condition. Not only does care allow injured athletes to heal much faster, but it also helps to prevent the risk of future injury. Doctors of sports chiropractic have a long-standing history of resolving musculoskeletal sports injuries throughout all arenas’ regardless of the activity. Properly applied care can improve body symmetry, balance, flexibility, and overall range of motion, which are all very important for peak performance.

    Dr. Cody Elledge, in Oklahoma City, is recognized for his focus on treating extremity issues. Over 90% of world-class athletes obtain regular chiropractic care in the United States and worldwide and more and more professional sports teams and organizations use chiropractic care daily to keep their athletes in top-notch condition; if chiropractic care is their choice, shouldn’t it be yours?