Financial Options

Finance Today!

Our mission is to get patients feeling better and keep them feeling great, Dr. Elledge’s staff has years of experience and will help navigate you through your payment options.

Below is a list of various payment options that we accept.

As always, if there are any questions you still have; please
don t hesitate to call us at (405) 858-2225. We would love to assist you.

    List of Various Payment Options


    Most insurance plans are accepted at our office. We accept auto accident, workers compensation, personal injury and most health insurance plans, including Medicare.

    No Insurance

    For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can be arranged. If you have no insurance or do not have chiropractic benefits, there is always way for you to receive the care you need.

    Family Plans

    In a effort to make living the wellness lifestyle as easy and affordable as possible, we can create a customized family plan that is specific to you and your family.

    Care Credit

    A healthcare financing option that allows individuals to pay through a credit card-like system. It is designed to help people cover the costs of medical treatments and procedures that may not be fully covered by insurance or for those without insurance.

    Health on a Budget Care

    If you feel you do not have enough time or money to take care of yourself, please contact us – we can help! The last thing we want is for you to come to our wellness center in crisis. So please, we would like to encourage you to take your health very seriously.