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Headaches are one of the most common conditions seen in chiropractic offices. In the last decade, modern research has shown headache represented at least 20% of patient-doctor visits. Patients of all ages presenting with headaches, can not only have significant pain, but can also experience an adverse impact on activities of daily living. Complex headaches can make even the simplest of tasks seem extremely difficult. A multitude of resources show that many types of headaches can be treated with proper Oklahoma City chiropractic careChiropractic treatment in OKC can help resolve, and may even completely eliminate, many debilitating and common headaches, including but not limited to classic migraine headaches, cluster headaches, tension headaches, and cervicogenic headaches.

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    Headache Chiropractor Offering Treatment for Chronic Headache & Neck Pain in Oklahoma City

    Dr. Cody Elledge, in Oklahoma City, has over a decade of hands-on experience in patient care, and has treated 100’s of headache victims. The origin of the majority of headaches lies in nerve interference or pressure on cranial and spinal nerve roots. If we have biomechanical issues that cause pressure on a sensory nerve, the hypersensitive nerve, very simply, feels too much pain that results in a headache. Migraine headaches originate from a chemical reaction that happens in the body, this chemical reaction is mainly the result of nerve blockage and interference. This cyclical interference can cause classic symptoms such as chronic neck pain, head and face pain, numbness and tingling, and even vision issues and nausea.

    Chronic neck and arm pain are also especially common and very effectively treated by Headache Doctors of Chiropractic in OKC. Neck or cervical spine symptoms arise from very similar biomechanical stressors as described above, pressure or irritation of spinal nerve roots. Nerve pressure or pinched nerves in the neck can cause a host of symptoms, including localized stiffness and continual discomfort, shoulder, scapula, and elbow problems, local or referred sharp-shooting pain, and even hand numbness and weakness. These cervical spine issues may be intermittent or they may be progressive, either way they are something that should not be ignored by the patient. The longer these problems are allowed to persist, the longer it will take the body to heal and stabilize, once under proper chiropractic care.

    Regardless of the type of symptoms you are experiencing, Dr. Elledge, a nationally acclaimed chiropractor, will x-ray the spine to locate the source of spinal nerve interference. Once diagnosed and through a series of spinal adjustment treatments, Elledge Chiropractic & Acupuncture will gently and effectively take pressure off of the pinched nerve root. This process allows the nerve the opportunity to heal itself and begin to function normally. In many cases this resolves the source or the mechanism of the headache and/or neck pain, and can bring about complete resolution and symptom-free living in the future.