Kids and Chiropractic

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Kids & Chiropractic

by Dr. Cody Elledge, DC

Being a family chiropractor, I’m frequently told by patients, “I wish I would have known chiropractic treatment could resolve this or correct that…and if I had, I would have come in months or years ago.”

Likewise, I also hear many patients ask why there are children being treated in my office. “What could children possibly have wrong with them that they need chiropractic treatment for?”

My answer in part can be a long one, but simply put, parents bring their children in for chiropractic care for many of reasons, including help with common elements such as chronic ear infections, colic, colds and sickness, bedwetting, asthma and allergies, learning and behavioral problems, developmental delays, and most importantly for wellness and prevention. Chiropractic care can treat so many ailments of the human body, even young bodies, that many of us needlessly suffer from and are not classically related to chiropractic care in Oklahoma City.

What is chiropractic care you may ask?

Well, very simply put chiropractors localize and remove spinal nerve interference. Chiropractor’s perceive the body as a whole acknowledging that the body’s systems work synergistically together so that if one area of the body experiences heavy demand or becomes compromised, then other areas can in time become vulnerable. Over time this can lead to disorder and dysfunction.
Having stated that, I normally continue with the below follow-up conversation:

Dr. Elledge: “Do you take your children to the dentist to get their teeth checked?”

Parent: “Of course, I don’t want them to get cavities.”

Dr. Elledge : “Do you not think their spine is equally as important and your child’s teeth?”

Parent: “Well yes, but..”

Dr. Elledge: “If children have misalignments in their spine, it can lead to spinal nerve impingement, leading to dysfunction. Early detection and correction is what chiropractic can, and will, do for your child’s spine”

We recognize that the nervous system is the master system of our body. It controls and coordinates every function, on every level of the body. However, we do not appreciate that there is a great number of stressors that accompany our modern lifestyle, which lead to undue stress and prolonged pressure on our nervous system. In our children, this stress can develop in various ways. One can be physical stress, such as the countless tumbles and falls children take while learning to walk or playing and by participating in sports.

Another form of prolonged stress comes in the form of negative emotions, such as anxiety, frustration and self-esteem issues. And the third and final stressor is caused by toxins. These toxic stressors are found everywhere in our modern “fast-food” infused world. Unwanted and harmful toxins are ingested in the form of formulas, preservatives, chemicals, growth hormones and steroids that are used in the preparation of many of the foods we buy and consume. These, and hundreds of other neurotoxins, are experienced by children daily which further block and impede proper neurological communication and development. Regular chiropractic care can, and will help improve the performance of children’s body’s by allowing the body to more efficiently respond to external and internal stressors that children come in contact with on a daily basis.

Advantages of Chiropractic Care for Children

The advantage of chiropractic care for children is very clear and has become increasingly evident in recent years, last year alone there were over 68 million pediatric visits in the United States. Modern research has overwhelmingly shown the benefit of care for children. Care is gentle, safe, and non invasive. Chiropractors do not treat sickness or disease we simply identify and remove spinal nerve interference which allows the body to do what it was designed to do and that heal itself. With all of the upside of overall wellness, and none of the downsides of dangerous side effects, OKC chiropractic care for kids is rapidly on the rise. Be part of this revolution, for your sake and that of your families, find a great chiropractor in your area and get well.

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