Patient Testimonials

D. D.
Everyone is always so friendly! I would 10/10 recommend Dr. Elledge and his practice!
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I felt so welcomed from the moment I stepped into the door for my first appointment. They knew me by my second appointment. Everyone that works at Elledge Chiropractor is so great and personable. Sometimes you stay a little longer than anticipated due to high demand of people who love Dr. Elledge and need to be seen. I have never minded waiting a little longer because the atmosphere is wonderful and I even enjoy talking to other patients. Everyone is always so friendly! I would 10/10 recommend Dr. Elledge and his practice!
M. H.
His staff are always friendly and helpful!
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We have seen Dr Elledge and staff for over 6 years and he has helped us with a variety of issues! From pregnancy changes, newborn adjustments, kids who are active and a husband who has a very physically demanding job! Dr Elledge is by far the kindest and most humble chiropractor I’ve been to, not to mention so knowledgeable!! His staff are always friendly and helpful! I recommend their office to everyone I know!
K. B.
Dr. Elledge was a literal lifesaver for me
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He and his staff were wonderful and kind and I don t know what I would ve done had I not found them. The level of pain I was at when I first went into his office, versus how I feel today are like actual night and day. I feel like an entirely different person. Of course everyone s body and situation is unique, but Dr. Elledge showed such genuine concern and compassion, I ve recommended him to everyone I know who has chronic back/pain issues. I can t endorse him enough.
J. K.
Dr. Elledge is a fantastic practitioner who has been helping me for several years now
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Dr. Elledge and staff are fantastic. They certainly know their stuff, are great to work with, and always keep the busy waiting room friendly and kind. Dr. Elledge is a fantastic ractitioner who has been helping me for several years now - have provided personal recommendations to many and am very impressed with his knowledge and level of care.
T. D.
Dr. Elledge takes very good care of his patients
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They are deeply committed to the health and wellbeing of their patients. The wait-time is minimal and the flow from when one first enters the lobby, to the waiting area, and then to the doctor s office is as efficient as a German train station. Everyone who works there is incredibly friendly and does a fantastic job keeping the entire area clean and compliant with social distancing guidelines. It is no wonder that Elledge Chiropractic has won numerous awards. They really are the best!
J. C.
I have been going to Dr. Elledge for over 5 years. He is very kind and knowledgeable.
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Demi and Jenn are very efficient in getting patients in and out. Our whole family goes to Dr. Elledge and just like myself, respect and admire him and his staff.I have seen the newest Dr. Higley also who joined the staff while Dr. Elledge was recuperating from shoulder surgery last year and he just fits right in with rest of the staff on his knowledge and kindness.
M. W.
Dr. Elledge is amazing! Very thorough, detailed, and caring
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Truly cares about the wellness of his patients. He has coordinated my daughter s care through a PT and an Orthopedic Surgeon to achieve maximum results. I can t say enough great things about him and the sweet girls in the front
M. J.
Great customer service and very professional.
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Elledge Chiropractic é o melhor quiroprático que eu já estive. Ótimo serviço ao cliente e muito profissional. Sinto-me incrível após cada visita nos últimos 3 anos. Obrigado a Elledge e sua equipe atenciosa!
C. C.
I could go on for hours about my love for this practice
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They can always get me in within a moments notice. Dr. Elledge and Dr. Higley are so incredibly knowledgeable and make you feel at ease under their care. Jenn and Demi are truly the sweetest and kindest humans in the whole entire world. I have recommended everyone I know needing chiropractic treatment and care to this practice. There aren't enough words to describe how much I love them all. The waiting room is sometimes intimidating but they are speedy quick, moving with intention, you will be in and out and feeling better before you even know it!
D. S.
He’s the absolute best!!
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We’ve been going to Dr Elledge for 8 years. Initially for being rear-ended but I’ve continued to go to him for health maintenance. He’s been so good I’ve brought many family members he’s also helped. He listens and is very attentive to our individual needs.His office staff is excellent & always pleasant to work with. If you’re looking for a Chiropractor you want to KEEP Dr. Elledge is the one - he’s the best of the best!!
K. J.
A visit to his office is actually a pleasant experience
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Not only is Dr. Elledge extremely skilled, but he is genuinely a kind person and really seems to care about his patients. His staff is also top notch. They are competent and very friendly. A visit to his office is actually a pleasant experience. My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Elledge years ago. I never knew I could feel so great, and now I have hope for a future free of pain!
V. M.
Kind staff who keep good track of your appointments for you
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Quick appointments to get you in and out quickly and back to your life while still doing a good job and putting you on the right track. Elledge was put on this earth for this line of work. You could stick him in any country and he would still be the best. After all the years he has done this, he still treats every patient like he wants to be there and takes the time to make sure not only we are being fixed, but understand why. If I could give six stars I would. What more could you possibly want?
T. T.
He has been helping me with my back after hip surgery
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I have had a awesome experience with Dr. Elledge and his office. He has been helping me with my back after hip surgery. He is very knowledgeable and he just doesn t adjust you in area if you do not need it. Great atmosphere and Jen and Demi are just precious and always willing to help you with any questions or concerns. Would highly recommend him for your chiropractor!
J. P.
Drs. Elledge and Wallace are two of the best chiropractors I have ever had
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I came into his office with what would be a misaligned back. All I knew at the time is my back was absolutely tender and painful. He knew exactly what was wrong and gave me the best treatment I ve ever had. I am no longer in pain and have full flexibility in my back. His employees are very welcoming! always greeting you with a smile! He is the best Doctor in town in my opinion. Thank you doc!
G. S.
I recommend him and his team a thousand times over.
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After my pregnancy I was in so much pain in my lower back, neck and hips, Dr Elledge created a treatment plan that worked for me and my schedule and I feel like a new person! eadaches are gone, pain is under control and mostly non existent.
N. H.
He has been a blessing to our family.
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Dr. Elledge has been treating my husband, 5 children, and myself for the last year and a half. He has been a blessing to our very active family and got us through some rough times with his amazing care. His staff, Jenn and Demi, are the sweetest ladies and always make sure you are well cared for.
K. G.
Dr. Elledge literally saved my life!!!
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Dr. Elledge is AMAZING!!! First started going to him to get everything fixed after getting rear-ended by a drunk driver— he fixed me up... no pain, no lasting injury... AMAZING!!!I continued to see Dr. Elledge, just to maintain & continue to be healthy.Not long after I got pregnant with my daughter, I became a single mother, having a 2-yr-old little boy as well. I was high-risk, and had MAJOR sciatica. Being under Dr. Elledge’s care just about eliminated the pregnancy induced sciatica & also eased the round-ligament pain. Dr. Elledge literally saved my life!!!