Stress In Today’s Modern Age

The impact on body balance and what you can do to combat stress with regular chiropractic adjustments!

Gentle and specific chiropractic care helps the nervous system, which is encompassed in the spinal column, stay sharp and interference free.  Long term stress on the body, whether physical, emotional or chemical can cause very serious long term health issues.

By introducing proper motion to the spine and eliminating undo pressure on the spinal nerves, chiropractic care is the undeniable choice for continuous drug-free wellness.  Even a slight displacement and strain of the vertebrae causes electromechanical interference with the spinal cord and nerves, impairing electrochemical conduction mechanisms required for coherent communication between the brain and all organs.

OKC Chiropractic care frees the body of impingements that delete necessary information that the body must have in order to transfer and balance homeostatic mechanisms.  Stress adversely affects the regulation of the nervous system.  The spinal cord controls all activities, such as proper sleep cycles, breathing and oxygen exchange, reflex and clear thought, coordination of smooth and cardiac muscles, as well as regulation of hormones, glands and digestion.  Thus, chiropractic care is required to permit the body to relax and rebound from stress and all its negative consequences on the mind and body, ensuring a healthier YOU!


We are excited to announce our new hours! Starting Monday, June 22nd, we will be treating patients Monday-Wednesday, 9:30-12:30 & 3:00-6:00, with Jenn and Demi in the office Thursdays to schedule appointments. I am honored to be recognized nationwide as a leader in the chiropractic field and due to my ongoing national lecturing and speaking schedule, our clinic will no longer be treating patients on Thursday. I am very privileged that my interactions with fellow chiropractors across the country allow me to continue to advance my skills and five you the very highest quality of service and care possible on each and every visit. Jenn, Demi, and myself will to accommodate each of our patients needs as we work to get you and your family feeling better or maintaining the health you’ve already achieved!

We look forward to seeing you at your next adjustment,

Dr. Elledge