The Benefits Of a Well-adjusted Child

There has been a vast amount of media coverage focusing on chiropractic treatment and spinal problems in children in the recent years. Most patients ask, “why would I take my child to the chiropractor, what could be wrong with my child’s spine?”  Anything from a traumatic birth to the daily slips and falls the in early months and years of a child’s development can upset the normal functioning of the spine and produce a vast amount of issues.

Various sources can include birth canal trauma, falls, automobile accidents, excessive motion, unsupported head and neck motion and even emotional issues, like fear and anxiety, can lead to dangerous stressors causing interference in a child’s spine.  Something as simple as the activity of learning to walk causes countless simple falls that can induce trauma to young a child’s head, neck, and spine.

An extensive amount of resources support pediatric chiropractic and acupuncture care as a gentle and effective way to help children deal with conditions like colic, asthma, ear infections, digestive issues, poor immunity, headaches, good neural plasticity and much more. That’s right, infants and young children can get nerve irritation as well.

The second question often asked is “how does a chiropractor adjust an infant or young child’s spine?” Dr. Elledge will conduct a thorough evaluation of your child’s spine and physical condition. Through a complete evaluation of the young spine, Dr. Elledge can use very gentle adjusting skills to treat any involved spinal areas. This ensures the nervous system has every opportunity to communicate clearly and work effectively, thus allowing young bodies to re-create order and coordinate proper healing.

OKC Chiropractic has an excellent safety record when performing pediatric adjustments. For over 100 years there have been almost no adverse reactions involving children and chiropractic care. Chiropractic and acupressure are a very safe and drug-free way to keep your child healthy and allow them to develop a healthy and fully functioning nervous system.