The School Year Brings Added Physical and Emotional Stress for Kids

The mass majority of the American population think chiropractic care is just for neck pain or a bad back, but as many parents know chiropractic care has amazing benefits for children.  Chiropractic visits are not just for when your child is hurting or has been involved in an accident.  Millions of parents bring their babies and infants to the OKC chiropractor for a host of health reason.  The advantages of chiropractic care are vast and can be very beneficial for many common ailments including, but not limited to, the following: bed wetting, asthma, allergies, immunity issues like colds and flus, digestive issues, colic, irritability and even behavioral issues.

With the school season starting back, there is no better time to bring your child in for a chiropractic check-up, if for no better reason than prevention alone!!  It’s always better to be proactive than to be reactive, especially when it comes to your child’s health and wellness.

Ten wonderful reasons to take babies and children to see a chiropractor:

  1. To provide proper nervous system communication and function (spine and nerve development)
  2. To support overall biomechanics and fluid motion
  3. To help strengthen immunity with lowered nervous system interference
  4. To help resolve colic and irritability
  5. To help reduce the occurrence of breathing issues like asthma and chronic allergies
  6. To improve spinal posture, development and supporting structures
  7. To help improve concentration and focus
  8. To assist with behavioral disorders, like ADD/ADHD
  9. To help alleviate overactive/under active digestive issues
  10. To assist and resolve over active bladder, bed-wetting and sleep issues

The Kids are BACK in School!!

We love having the opportunity to ensure your babies, children, adolescents and teens are performing and feeling their absolute best! Please let us know what we can do to keep them, and you, happy and healthy this school year.

We look forward to seeing you at your next adjustment,

Dr. Elledge